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Character Animation Projects


As a freelancer for Tadapix!, I created a majority of the character and background artwork in this spot for NetSupport School Classroom Management Software. Animating with a team, we created this video from animatic to artwork to animation in Photoshop and After Effects. I love working with my team and had a wonderful time working on this project, one of my first as a Freelance animator at Tadapix!


As a regular animator on this series, I was given individual episodes to animate in Photoshop with direction to create limited animation using few colors, with a goal of releasing episodes bi-weekly. I would get direction from the Director along with a script to work from. Animation was done frame-by-frame and composited by the Director. Other episodes for which I was an animator are linked here:

Intro to the Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Myers-Briggs and Productivity

Party Survival Guide for Introverts

How to Meditate

The Willpower Workout

The Workplace Stress Solution

How to Deal with Embarrassment

How to Stop Procrastinating


I was an assistant animator on this film, creating clean up and inbetween drawings for a scene.

Director: Shawn Brandon


Illustrated a lot of the elements on this spot. Created the platform, taller alien character, marketing man, style man, and all style frames. Oh, and the finger puppets too (that's my thumb)


Animated the first few shots of this spot, illustrated the male characters, and created the animatic for this spot. Really enjoyed creating the juggling scene.


As a regular contributing animator, I animate the cut scenes in this Human Resources Video Series using PhotoShop. Each episode has a cut scene that explains the focus of the video, along with examples on human resource topics. I animate these 2D scenes frame-by-frame with management from the Director. This episode required animation reminiscent of old arcade games, so I created 8-bit characters based off of existing character designs. 

Note: This video begins during the split scene 

Additional Animation provided for the following episodes:

How to Write a Job Description

How to Boost Employee Engagement

How to Prevent an Ethics Violation

Three Ways to Be a Brand Ambassador