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As an illustrator and animator at Tadapix! Animated Marketing, I was able to put my motion graphics skills to the test to create a video describing our animation process. This was a collaborative project, as script and storyboards were handed off to me for animation. I am responsible for much of the movement and shapes in this video, with tweaks added by other team members. 

XHIT Daily

I designed and animated graphic elements for this daily workout show, making sure to keep true with the existing logo and to appeal to a young female audience. My main responsibility was to animate the timer for each episode, which varied depending on length of the workout, number of reps, and type of exercise. I also created thumbnails.


I took over animating motion graphics on this show mid-season. I created thumbnails and added text-based graphics to individual episodes.


Art Director on this explainer video for Shea Mortgage. Headed style, animatic creation, illustration, and animation on this project. Really love the style and look of this video, and the motion graphics section near the 3/4 mark.


I was tasked with creating sleek and informative graphics about Egard's custom watches. The graphics touch on important facts about the watch and come in midway through the video.

Note: Video begins at animation sequence.

Vanilla Skates

I made the Vanilla Skates logo into a 3D object and animated a simple outro logo animation for this 2014 promo video.

Note: video begins at animated logo.

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