Featured Art Direction projects



 I was able to put my motion graphics skills to the test to create a video describing our animation process. This was a collaborative project, as script and thumbnails were handed off to me for design direction. I am responsible for much of the animation in this video as well as art direction.



Lamaze - Life Lessons Begin Before Birth 

I went for a more traditional hand-drawn look and feel for this video. I aimed to establish mood by keeping the cheerier moments bright and colorful and the more serious moments less colorful and dark.



Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island Dental Video

A fun, graphic style with patterns and geometry. The bright colors and shapes help create a lighthearted tone despite the potentially gross subject of teeth cleaning and bacteria.



Restonic: How to buy a mattress

I had the pleasure of creating a fabric-inspired design direction for this explainer video for the mattress brand Restonic. The team had a fun time playing with stitching, patterns, and textures for all the artwork.


Additional Art Directed Projects